Australia based Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation:


1. What exactly is SEO ...?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing or improving the text, HTML tags etc on a web site so that they rank higher in search results pages for relevant searches. This in turn increases the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural organic or ("algorithmic") search results.

2. How could SEO help me ...?

For a free site analysis and to discuss how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Marketing could help your business, please Contact Us and we will check out your current site and advise.

3. How is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO done ...?

Briefly, SEO is about designing a web site& tweaking the words on your page making it more attractive than your opposition to the search engine robots. Your rankings improve for relevant keywords and keyword phrases related to your business. This will result in more customers finding your web site when someone searches for specific phrases related to the site and hopefully investing in your products or services.

By using the most appropriate keywords and then adding these to the content of your web site in the appropriate places, it is possible over time to rank higher with major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live.

4. How long will it take ...?

That mainly depends on the state of your current web site. If we have to do a lot of "clean up" before we start the optimisation process, then that does effect the time we take. We are very fussy about validation for example. Our web sites meet the W3C web compliance standards. What this means is that they are written in compliant code and we validate them to confirm they conform with W3C worldwide industry standards before uploading.

5. Do you re-design web sites ...?

In some cases yes - we have to. Some sites that come to us use old technology and need bringing into the present. Sites having been originally designed in frames or with "Flash" navigation for instance are not search engine friendly and need a full redesign.

6. What is Search Engine Marketing ...?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) is promoting one’s web site through a search engine, either through paid listings, or getting one’s site higher Search engine rankings through other means - eg link building.

7. How qualified are you to do Search Engine Optimization ...?

You can view our SEO expert certificate here - Click to enlarge:

SEO Certificate

8. Can you arrange web site hosting ...?

Yes, our parent hosting company Graecille are Web Hosting specialists at very competative rates.