Web Site Design & Search Engine Optimization:


bullet  Elements effecting good design:

bullet  Page Layout: Professional website developers know the importance of good web design and the role it plays in making a website successful.

Do some research - browse the web. Check out some existing web sites in the same or similar industry as your own and identify the ones that you think look and work best. Then show them to your friends and colleagues - see what they think.

Being armed with a few good example sites before you approach us will be a great help to us as web site designers. This will also ensure that the final result will be in line with your expectations.

One of the biggest headaches is getting colours right. Make sure you have some ideas on what you would like - colours can make or break a good design.

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bullet  Web site Usability: On the web, usability is a very necessary component. During the web site development process, good design and ease of navigation can greatly increase web site sales.

Ease of navigating around the site and finding desired information quickly. User satisfaction is a major component of good design.

Your website must be easy to navigate and designed in a way that makes it easy to find information. A web site that is hard to navigate loses sales. Not everybody is totally computer literate, and many people, if they cannot quickly find what they think they want, will simply leave.


bullet  Elements effecting SEO:

bullet  Links are vital to any Web page's visibility on the Internet. How links flow within a site, and where they come from are important factors to any Search Engine. Search Engines view Links as a vote of confidence for the Webpage.

When the Anchor Text of a link is relevant to the Market Focus of the Web page being linked to, the Search Engine values this even more. There are numerous factors that can either increase or decrease a link's value.

For example, if a link is found within the content of a webpage rather than isolated with few words surrounding it, the Search Engine Spider will consider it to be more of a a "Natural Link" and not a "Paid Link", and therefore associate more value with it.

bullet  Today, many SEO's are focused on purchasing Links or Pay-Per-Click campaigns for their customers. While this can be valuable in obtaining instant traffic and visibility for the site, it is often cost prohibitive and temporary at best.

Many web sites already contain enough internal links to achieve the desired results for their Market Focus without needing to obtain many additional links.

It is a matter of redirecting the "Link Flow" that is already contained within the Web site, and sending it to those pages that have the most competitive Market Focuses.