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Optimization is more than just a standard set of practices. As every good interactive marketing agency knows, it is different for each business, and within each industry.

bullet   With an effective search engine optimization of your website, (which is an ongoing process) we can dramatically increase your website ranking in the natural or organic searches (SERP's) since the big three, Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly changing their algorithms to improve search results.

bullet   Those differences are one of the primary aspects that make 'do-it-yourself' optimisation without an interactive marketing agency such a risky prospect. An interactive marketing agency keeps abreast of the ever-changing landscape in order to implement best practices to achieve good positioning and visibility for a website -- they are also able to conduct in-depth research to understand what your competition is doing as well.

bullet   If you are learning from scratch and implementing as you go, you can be put at a disadvantage compared to competitors who hire professionals.

bullet  In this article, we'll walk through some of the most common misconceptions about optimization. We'll also look at what your company can do to see real optimization success.

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Problem 1: Seeing Optimization as a Project With An "End Date"

Optimization, and online marketing in general, isn't a destination. Rather, it's a road, one that must be constantly traveled for optimal levels of success. There is no time when your optimization is "complete", in fact, even once your initial online marketing plan sees success, there will be other ways that you can improve your online presence. The process can always be improved.

Problem 2: Not Planning For Optimisation In The Long Run

Because online marketing is a process, wise companies will plan for optimization in the long run. Don't think of it as a short-term investment, and don't divert resources you are only comfortable diverting for a few weeks. Think about it more broadly, and give your optimisation plan the time and support it needs to be successful. Like any company initiative, if the program is understaffed or underfunded, it won't be able to thrive as it ought to.

Problem 3: Bad original design

Like trying to re-wire an old building for modern communications or boosting performance of an obsolete machine, fixing a bad website design is much tougher than building properly from scratch.

When we create a new website, we make sure to consider search engine friendly design and architecture before and during the actual development of the website. Almost all template-based websites are tough to re-engineer for SEO.

A good responsive design from the start will save you a lot of time and money. In most cases it will put you ahead of a considerable number of your competitors. In most cases a high performing design for SEO is also a user friendly design.


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