Processes of Responsive Web Site Design ~ 5 Star SEO.

The principals of good website design - Search Engine friendly:

The Design Process To Think About:

bullet  Designing: Firstly, we will call you or you come in, sit down with us and we discuss how you would like your new Web site to look and feel. It is important to let us know exactly what you feel you would prefer as opposed to us telling you what you need. We will of course advise and steer you away from something which we feel would not work for you. It goes without saying today that a site must be fully responsive meaning it will work on all devices.

bullet  We will then produce a design concept for the home page of your new Web site. We will then again discuss it further and when you are happy with the design concept, we will then proceed. We then create a design of subsequent sub-pages.

bullet  You will be sent screen shots at each stage of the design so you can see how it is looking and when happy, we will send you a screen shot of the final design for formal approval.

bullet  After formally approving, the final building stage can begin. It is most important to get the design stage right because it is a costly and time-consuming exercise to have to re-design a site when it's halfway built.

bullet  Finally we begin the search engine optimization of your new site.

bullet  Let's face it, almost anybody can design and build a web site. There are countless companies out there offering a huge array of web building solutions, some good, some not so good, but many quite frankly are a complete waste of time! But throwing together a website is really only part of the process.

Website design and SEO

bullet   There are literally, hundreds of thousands, even millions of web pages on the world wide web, that won't ever be seen or found, and therefore stand no chance of commercial success. In some cases these sites are relatively good; unfortunately their owners have misunderstood the process and have the cart before the horse...

bullet  In the online world no one just happens by your web site, credit card in hand ready to spend! If you've yet to build your website, or about to create a new one, stop! Think firstly all about "exactly what you hope to achieve" with your new site. This is before you start. Creating a website should follow a set process proven to deliver a commercial end result... or run the risk of ending up, just another pretty picture in cyberspace!


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