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Website Design & Optimisation:

bullet  Elements effecting good design:

bullet  Page Layout: Professional website developers know the importance of good web design and the role it plays in making a website successful.

bullet  Do some research - browse the web. Check out some existing web sites in the same or similar industry as your own and identify the ones that you think look and work best. Then show them to your friends and colleagues - see what they think.

Being armed with a few good example sites before you approach us will be a great help to us as web designers. This will also ensure that the final result will be in line with your expectations.

One of the biggest headaches is getting colours right. Make sure you have some ideas on what you would like - colours can make or break a good design.

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bullet  Web site Usability: On the web, usability is a very necessary component. During the web site development process, good design and ease of navigation can greatly increase web site sales.

bullet  Ease of navigating around the site and finding desired information quickly.

bullet  User satisfaction is a major component of good website design.

Your web site must be easy to navigate and designed in a way that makes it easy to find information. A web site that is hard to navigate loses sales.

Not everybody is totally computer literate, and many people, if they cannot quickly find what they think they want, will simply leave.


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